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Guide to Sex Slings

Before I dive into a complete guide on sex slings, I need to address an important question: Who uses sex slings?

Yesterday, when I was on our live chat, I received an email from a man that purchased a sex sling and was doing some research on how to set it up, but he was not gay, so he did not know what to do. As weird as that may sound, this is a common myth and something I hear often. Yes, it is true, the sex sling has become popular in the gay community, but that does not mean that anyone who is straight can’t enjoy having a sex sling. They very much can!

I am straight and I love sex slings.

Who uses sex slings?

  • Straight Couples
  • Gay Couples
  • Disabled People
  • Bondage Lovers
  • Plus Size
  • Ok- anyone pretty much!

A lot of disabled people or people with mobility or flexibility issues love slings because it has the most surface area and weight displacement. This means less pressure on all parts of your body. We sell a lot of slings to those with hip replacements or problems as well as those with knee problems that can not kneel in bed for their favourite positions. And don’t forget back problems, a sling is a great solution.

Slings are popular in BDSM for much the same reasons. The large surface area of slings displaces your weight very well and makes it comfortable for long scenes. Sitting in a sling for an hour would be a lot more comfortable than sitting in a sex swing for the same amount of time plus there is a lot of locations to attach restraints in a sex sling.

For plus size users, the weight displacement in a sex sling greatly increases comfort, especially in the hips. Additionally, the 4 mounting points are also an important feature. Having 4 mounting points dispurses any weight into 1/4 on each mounting location. This increases the safety for anyone.

Choosing a sling

When looking at slings online, the first thing you need to remember is that slings DO NOT come with chains to install them. This is kinda pointless- they all need springs. So with all sex slings we sell, we provide you the chains required to install your sex sling. You will still need the mounting points to install your sling, but at least the chain kit will get you the clips you need and the chain to get things set up quickly without issue.

Fabric, Leather & Adjustments

There are a couple of different options for the materials of sex slings. There is leather, suede fabric and canvas fabric. For many people, leather is just expected. It is great for bondage lovers and the dungeon feel and just provides the right look, but it is much more expensive than the fabric options and we know some people don’t want a leather sling.

If you are looking at the leather sex slings and you are curvy or have large thighs, I would look at the web leather sling. At the base of the sling where your butt goes, the top section of the web sling is a solid piece from left all the way to the right. On the solid panel sex slings, the main panel that is only about 43 cm wide lays on top of this strap running from the left to the right under your butt. The corners of this top panel are sharp and can dig into your legs or thighs when you are curvy.

web leather sling close up

The Screamer Sex Sling has webbing straps that can be adjusted while the other slings do not. This means to adjust them you need to adjust the length of the chain. That is not really a big deal, but it should be noted because it requires you to get completely out of the sling to adjust it at all.

screamer sex sling with couple

Installing Your Sling

Installing your sling is a little more difficult than a normal swing because it requires 4 mounting points. This means a normal swing stand will not cut it and if you go with the ceiling install you will need more screws in your ceiling. There are a few different ways to install a sex sling

Using Your Sling

Just like any sex swings, there are no rules as to what you can and can’t do in a sling. The biggest thing is to get creative. A sling is a little more limiting than a swing for example it is not possible to do something where the person in the sling lays face down. The exception is the Tied Tight platform swing in the doggy style position.

One of my favourite uses of the sling is oral. Yeah, there is 69, but a lot of other positions such as one person between the other’s legs becomes a little more tricky. You can get a sore neck or have problems like where to put your arms. But with a sex sling, you can just pull up a stool and it is like having it served up at a buffet!!

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