Spreader Bars

Spreader Bar Comfort

The width of a sex swing plays a major part in how comfortable it is. The wider it is, the more comfortable it will be. A narrow swing will pinch in on your hips and a wider swing will not. This width is especially important if you have hips or curves.

Single hook sex swings come in a width that is set by the spreader bar. These widths can range from 14 inches to 32 Inches. We have included the width of all single hook on the “product specs” section of the products page as seen in the image below. Shop all sex swings.

Sex Swing Width

A dual hook swing has no spreader bar and the width is set by how far apart you install your mounting points. This width could be 30 or 40 or more inches. This will make it a lot more comfortable. Dual hook swings will be listed as “variable” width. You can learn more about the differences between a dual and a single hook here.

Other factors that may play a role in your decision is weight and storage. Some spreader bars are very heavy weighing 5 to 7 pounds. Others around “1.3. The lighter bars such as on the Screamer are created with chain. This allows them to store much smaller than a solid bar on something such as the Trinity sex swing.

Spreader Bars and Spinning

If you have a single hook swing, you also have the option of making it spin. If you want to use a swing for spinning, it is also important to consider the width of the spreader bar.

Unlike when considering comfort where wider is better, for spinning, narrower is better. The reason is that when you install your swing and then add the spring and installation hardware and spreader bar, there are many times that the bar will be at eye level for a man standing next to the swing. A very wide bar could actually hit him in the head.

So in this case we recommend the Whipsmart because it has a very narrow “35cm” spreader bar and very good padding to compensate for the very narrow seat.

Swing recommendations

If you need a single hook swing, we recommend the widest bar possible which would be the Screamer Twist. If you want to have a spinning swing, we recommend the narrowest possible with great padding which would be the WhipSmart.