Sex rooms are defenitely a trending issue. Not just because of the new netflix series, but it has been a trend for the last 20 years and we see it in our business every year.

Install swing in your sex room

People love sex. But the reality is that having lots of toys and building a sex room is not possible for everyone. Not everyone has the space to have a dedicated room that can be a permenant sex room and when you do not have that space, the next challenge is what will the kids or friends and family think when they see all of this stuff in my bedroom which I am using as a makeshift sex room?

No worries, the best thing to do is start out with a sex swing.

Every sex room needs a swing

A sex room is generally made up of 2 types of items, toys and furniture. Toys are not usually an issue because they can be used by anyone and easily stored away and they are usually not too expensive. Sex furniture on the other hand presents a much larger problem. Literally. Most sex furniture is huge.

Furniture is designed to aid with new sex positions, hold your partner in a sex or exposed position, create bondage scenarios and more.

Things like spanking benches, St Andrew Crosses, bondage beds, and pillories are just big. There is really not much way to hide these things. You really need to have the space for a dedicated room.

But a sex swing is different. A sex swing is very small, compact and can be easily stored in a storage case or hung in a closet. On top of that a swing is perfect if you are looking for something that just gives unique positions or something that you want to use for light bondage.

It really is a staple of any playroom. Everyone needs a swing.

Keeping it hidden

We have been selling swings for a lot of years and when we started out, we were big fans of hiding your sex swing. We even took steps to hide our whole business from friends and family. And then after a couple years we decided, fuck it. We make sex swings. Everyone has sex. Let’s tell the world.

It was one of the best things we ever did. Who are you fooling? When you grandma sees you getting married and asks if you are going to have kids, she knows you are going to have sex. When everyone congradulates you when you are leaving your reception, your parents, friends, cousins and neighbors all know you are going to go home and have sex.

Human have sex.

So why is it the first worry of everyone to try and hide things like a ceiling hook in their bedroom so their in laws do not see it? Fuck that. Be proud. Yes we are happily married and yes we really like our efforts to make kids.

Really it is none of their business and your spouse only exists because their parents had sex.

But that does not keep people from worrying, so there are a large number of ways to still hide it. I am just not sure it is worth the trouble. Options include using a stand, the chin up bar installation, hanging a plant from the ceiling hook, installing it in a walk in closet, using a smoke detector housing to hide it and many more.

You can check out our 7 ways to install a swing for more ideas.

Choosing a Swing for Your Sex Room

If you like sex, and you want to have more sex with your wife (I say that because I know statistically 73% of you on this site are men), do NOT BUY THE CHEAP SHIT.

Rule number 1. If she is not comfortable, she will not want to do it again.

That is it. A sex swing is incredible because you have a unique range of movement and you can do this usually with your hand completely free to explore your partners body. It really is worth if for all of you men out there.

The problem is, there are swings that can make it very unenjoyable or even painful for women and there are some that are comfortable enough you can sleep in.

If you want to have a lot of sex, but something she will love. This means you will need to spend well over $100 on a swing. We have a complete buyers guide on every aspect of a swing as well as our list of best swings.

If you are not getting this, let me break down the numbers for you.

SHIT SWING $30 – have sex ones, she hates it and may not even stay in it for long enough for you to finish.

Cost = $30 for sex experiment.

Awesome SWING $200 – Have sex 40 times over the next 3 years in the swing with her having mind blowing orgasms. Probably 3 times in the first week.

Cost = $200/40 -> $5 per mind blowing experience.

You get the idea. If you are going to invest in a sex room, don’t buy shit. Start with something that she will love. Check out all of our sex swings for sale