As they say… “You never grow up, you just get better swings!”

When we were kids, we all realized the adults got all the good stuff. They had phones or games or cars. Now we are adults. Now it is our turn.

As part of this, now you control the money. You control your life, don’t settle for a crappy product just because it is the cheapest. That is what your parents did to you. If you are in the market for a sex swing, I would strongly encourage you to spend time learning what makes a comfortable sex swing in our buying guide.

There is no sense in buying a product that is so uncomfortable you use it only once and then it just sits in your closet.

Our list of the top 6 sex swings will help you make a choice on what might work for you.

Is a Sex Swing for Me?

A lot of people have the initial thought that sex swings are for a younger crowd, but that surprisingly is not accurate. In fact, statistics from this website show that 45% of all users are over the age of 45 and 21% of visitors are over the age of 55. So yeah, sex swings can be enjoyed by us mature adults as well as those crazy youngsters. A swing is something that can be enjoyed by a very wide range of people under a very wide range of circumstances.

  • Adding spice to your sex life. A lot of people opt for a sex swing just to add some adventure to their relationships. Science shows that sex drive is directly related to variability. Limited partners and limited positions over time can lower sex drive. With all the health and relationship benefits of sex, a swing can be a real life saver. BDSM fantasy? Check out our BDSM Sex Swings
  • Disabilities. There are many examples of people using them to overcome a range of disabilities and diseases such as arthritis. A swing can can help by relieving pressures, changing where pressure is applied, allowing certain positions without kneeling and many other benefits. You may consider buying a sex sling.
  • Making fantasies a reality. Sometimes people have a fantasy stuck in their head, but they can not act on them because they do not have the physical ability to achieve the required positions. In some cases, swings can help you make that difficult fantasy sex position a reality.
  • Real Dolls. More than once we have sold sex swings to support real dolls because for whatever reason someone was not able to have a real physical relationship whether it was from a physical or mental condition, being widowed, or separated from a spouse for a long period of time.
Mature adult using a wild side blue swings. Not just for the youngsters.