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couple trying to have sex against a wall like in a movie

A couple stumbles into their hotel room all over each other after a romantic dinner, she kicks her shoes off, tearing his shirt off, kissing passionately. He puts his hands under her butt and lifts her up and presses her up against the wall and makes love to her as she screams in orgasm.

We have all seen that movie.

But this is a reality… lifting her up, holding her against the wall and having sex is a thing for the movies and only the movies. UNLESS you have a door sex swing.

If you are in a hurry, you can jump over to our list of best sex swings including out top rated door swing or start looking to buy a door sex swing. Otherwise, you can hang out with me here for a while and learn all about what makes some great and others not so great.

Door Swing Basics

A door swing is a type of swing that mounts over the top of a door and is secured by its frame. Despite the name similarities, these should not be confused with a sex swing or a sex sling.

basic types for sex swings, sex slings and door frame sex swings

Door swings generally have 2 small bars at the top of the straps that can be placed over the top of the door. When the door is shut, the swing is held into place by the frame. Within the door swing category, there are 2 subtypes. The standard and the deluxe swings.

Standard swings do not include a strap for your butt and are usually cheaper. The deluxe versions have a large strap for sitting on.

Deluxe Door Swings have a primary strap while the standard ones do niot
specs sheet showing primary strap availablility

This is a pretty significant difference in price and comfort. Some people can sit comfortably with straps just around their legs for support, most can’t do it for long periods or at all. So, in general, it is better to opt for the deluxe style. This is indicated on all door swings on this site in the specs section under “primary strap”.

Choosing a Door Swing

The choices for a door swing are pretty simple. The first question to ask yourself is if you need a primary strap. Without it, the swing will be slightly cheaper, but I always prefer to have the primary strap for comfort. Plus there is no reason to penny-pinch the slight difference in price. Trust me and go for the deluxe.

Once you choose the type of door swing, next you need to consider the padding and strap size. As a general rule, wider and more padding is more comfortable.

specs sheet showing padding sizes


One of the major downfalls of this type of swing is the limited number of positions or the limited range of motion. Because the door is physically blocking where you can move, you are basically limited to two types of positions: back against or facing the door.  Within these two there are some variations such as having your legs higher or lower which will rotate your hips/pelvis and cause different sensations or a few positions for oral sex. Our positions guide has a complete list of all door swing sex positions.

Get More Sex Positions

Maybe you want a door swing and a sex swing? Maybe you are looking at a something for travel however and you want to have something nicer at home, an option for you could be the Screamer and purchasing the over the door mount kit. This would allow you to use a sex swing in your house, and then when you want a door swing, you can use the primary strap, handles, and stirrups from your swing to create one.

Using your sex swing
Screamer Door Sex Swing
Sex Swing Door Mounts

More Positions – Door Swing Alternatives

There is something sexy about a door swing and pressing up against the wall, but if you want a large range of positions, then this type is not for you. But maybe you are in an flat where this seems to be your only option.

chin up bar sex swing mount
purple dual hook swing

The solution for you could be a dual hook such as the Wild Side or the Screamer mounted in a door frame using a chin-up bar like this one on Amazon. This option has a lower weight limit than traditional door swing mounting, but it is very flexible as an alternative. You can read more about that here. This will get you into a full functioning sex swing.


Door swing installation is fairly straight forward. Since all of the door swings come with attached straps or simply clip the straps into the door mount, there is nothing to assemble. Just put the small tubes at the end of the straps over the door, shut the and pull the straps a little bit to ensure they are pulled up tight to the top of the door frame.

A solid or well-constructed door is recommended. If you have one of those cheap doors that are hollow core and essentially made from cardboard, you will have some problems. It is also a good idea to hang the swing on the inside of the door. (the side that you pull towards you). These rules are more optional if you have a heavy solid wood or metal door frame such as you would find in a hotel.