A lot of people picture our company as just a bunch of freaky people that are selling sex swings, having crazy “product testing” parties, and just generally horny people. While some of that may be true, in this time of global emergency, we have a higher calling. We are an essential part of the survival of the human race! – No thanks needed.

In fact, the swings we sell are so incredible, they could reduce the reliance on up to 5 healthcare professions.

  1. Marriage Counselor
  2. Cardiologist
  3. Mental Health Therapist
  4. Sleep specialist
  5. Plastic Surgeon

And just a reminder, if you are reading this and taking all of your advice from a sex swing sales rep, make sure you seek out a true mental health professional. It is sad we live in a world that I even need to say this.

Angela Alexander – World’s leadingsex swing expert

I know, now you are asking, how can a $200 sex swing replace decades of training and millions of dollars in education? Simple, Science.

Let’s break it down.

The Secret To Good Health

Sex is a powerful tool for good health. This has been well established for a long time in science. The problem is that people do not have enough of it. After years in a relationship, boredom and life starts to take hold. How many times can you do missionary? As your sex life starts to become routine, the amount of sex you have declines and so does your health.

A good sex swing adds variety. Variety adds excitement. Exceitement leads to more sex. More sex leads to a healthy, happier, younger looking you.

The Science To Back It Up

Replacing The Marriage Counselor

Replacing The Cardiologist

According to the World Health Organization, the top 2 causes of death are heart attack and stroke. The good news is that having a great sex life can lower your risks. Sure it will not prevent all your issues, but it can be really fun trying. The range of benefits can included lower blood pressure and fewer heart attacks

Replacing The Mental Health Therapist

Replacing The Sleep Specialist

Replacing The Plastic Surgeon

According to a 1999 study of 3,500 people, people who had more sex looked much younger than their actual age.


After all of that, are you ready to buy a sex swing?