Tips on Choosing a Sex Swing


When you decide you want to buy a sex swing, you will realize there are a ton of options. This guide will help you to select the right one.

Do you own or rent? 

Start at our 7-ways to install a swing. It is a complete guide with all of our tricks and tips. 

You have unlimited freedom when it comes to mounting your sex swing if you own your house. Everything from over beam mounts to eye hooks and stands. The options and locations are pretty endless.  The ones we use the most around our house are 1) hook plates in the ceiling. 2) A Screamer Sex Swing Stand and 3) a chin-up bar modification. 


If you are a renter or do not want to install ceiling mounts don’t worry there are many options. Our 2 favourite recommendations for portable situations when using a sex swing is to get a stand, chinup-bar, or if those won’t work a door swing. 

Stands tend to be slightly expensive and take some space when assembled, but they are often the best option for rentals. A good stand like the Screamer Sex Swing Stand will last you for years and years.  A door swing is quick, easy, and low cost, but they have a limited range of motion in what you can do. A Door Sex Swing is at the absolute bottom of my (Angela) sex swing list. I am not a fan. 

Do you need a higher weight limit?

If you are curvy or looking to use a swing with 2 people we recommend a sex sling or dual hook swing.

When it comes to sex swings, most of the buckles, webbing, chain, and other parts have weight limits of several hundred or thousands of pounds. By far the weakest point on a swing is the actual mount into the ceiling and the spring can be a weak point with some brands – stick with Screamer and Tied Tight or upgrade to a heavy-duty spring here. By having a sling that is mounted with 3 or 4 chains or a dual hook that is mounted in 2 locations, you divide up the weight across more locations, and that greatly reduces the load on these weak points. NOTE: Always- always, use your springs. Period. I don’t care if you are 98lbs or 250lbs, springs are vital for safety and if you are over 150lbs please make sure you have the heavy-duty springs (these are standard on Screamer and Tied Tight).

Maximum comfort in a Sex Swing

For anyone who is curvy (or not) comfort should be the number one priority. We recommend a sex sling, a single hook with a wide spreader bar, we like 32 or more, or a Screamer Sex Swing Dual Hook.

For comfort, the sex sling can beat all sex swings. They tend to be wide and feel like a hammock. The downside is your limited number of positions.

When looking at sex swings, find a swing with the widest seat. Consider the width of the webbing and not just the padding. Look for a width greater than 2 inches. 4 inches is recommended for ultimate comfort.

Maximum flexibility, Positions, and more in a Sex Swing

If positions and adventure are the most important thing when you’re looking for a sex swing then we recommend a single hook sex swing or dual hook sex swing. To learn about the difference between single hook swings and dual hook sex swings please check here.

Rating Sex Swings in Position Options:
1) Single Hook Sex Swings (with a Swivel Hook) – have the most position options and are able to spin.
2) Dual Hook Sex Swings – offers just about as many options as a single hook sex swing except they don’t spin, they have 2 mounting points so spinning is not an option. The bonus though is you can install these swings pretty wide for ultimate comfort and positions. 
3) Slings – Less positions but ultimate comfort. Really the positions are very limited. 
4) Door Swings – your back is against a door- literally. So, positions are extremely limited for this sex swing. Plus these take a lot of core strength, not so sexy! 

Do you need a low price sex swing solution?

If yes, then look for a door swing. They tend to be the least expensive option. But we reccomend our favourite budget friendly swing the Wild Side. 

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