What is a Sex Swing? Sling?

Looking over search records, we noticed that there are a lot of people confused about exactly what a sex swing is, and what the different types of swings are. Actually, people are using these terms like they are completely interchangeable.

  • Sex Swing
  • Sex Sling
  • Love Swing

These are distinct types of related products but searching for the wrong one can give you very wrong results.

What is a Sex Swings?

Sex Swing Basics

Sex Swings are a set of padded straps hung from 1 or 2 mounting points to enhance sexual activity.  They consist of a primary strap to sit on and a secondary strap for your back and stirrups. Most of them have stirrups, and some will also come with handles.  A headrest is free with all swing purchases on SexSwing.com. Of all 3 main types of swings, the sex swings have the most positions

There are several subcategories of sex swings.

  • Single Hooks hang from a single point. They have a spreader bar at the top of the swing to set the width to between “35 depending on the brand. 
  • Dual Hooks hang from two mounting points at a width that you control when installing it. Two mounting points give you the option of making it wider to increase comfort. Learn more about the differences between single and dual hook swings.
  • Spinning Sex Swings are single hooks that have the addition of a swivel hook. Some swings can be purchase as spinners, or it is possible to convert your favourite single hook into a spinner.
  • Bondage Swings are swings that come with cuffs for restraining your partner as well as additional places on the swing that these cuffs can be attached. 

Some people believe that a sex swing is nothing more than a gag gift, but according to science, a good sex life is very important to a healthy life and a healthy marriage. So a swing, is not a gag gift at all, but a life-saving medical device that can help you achieve difficult sex positions like a porn star. (ok, maybe that is a stretch)

What are Sex Slings?

comfortable sex sling

Sex Slings are a hammock style swing that hangs from normally 4 mounting points. They usually consist of a large single piece of leather, suede, or canvas. These are great if comfort is required such as people with disabilities or people that will be using it for long periods such as in bondage play. The downfall of the slings is that they have fewer positions available and they require four mounting points which can be difficult in some situations. These are available in leather, canvas, and suede. 

What are Door Sex Swings?

door sex swing basics

Door Sex Swings are a great portable option for those looking to install a swing in an flat or take one with you on your travels. These are the cheapest swing option, but it is somewhat limited in positions. There are a lot of choices between different brands such as what different straps they include. In general, there are two separate types of door swings. 

  • Standard Door Swings are lower end ones that typically come only with stirrups to support your thighs and handles. The lack of a main strap can put a lot of pressure on your legs for some people.
  • Deluxe Door Swings are a little more expensive than the standard options but still very budget friendly. They usually come with a primary strap to sit on, stirrups and handles. This primary strap makes it much more comfortable to use.

What is a Love Swing?

The Love Swing is a trademarked name of a specific product line consisting of the TLC Love Swing, TLC Bondage Love Swing, TLC Spinning Love Sex Swing, and the TLC Swing Stand. Of all the swings available, these are not the most popular and actually searched frequently by people wanting a sex swing but not wanting to feel vulgar and instead opting for “love”. It is OK, we all have sex. If you want a sex swing, you will have a lot better results if you just search for “sex swing”

For more information, check out our list for the best of each type of sex swing.